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About US


Wezo, a professional digital media integrated marketing service provider.We deep into every link of the cooperation between advertisers and media organizations, with the professional spirit and responsibility attitude of star butler, to provide advertisers with a full chain of high-quality media services that can cover the global diversified market.

We maintain long-term and in-depth cooperation with the head media resources in the global scope, and have the agency rights of top media traffic including Google, Facebook, Twitter, huge volume engine, Tencent advertising, etc., to provide advertisers with Internet precision marketing, full case integrated marketing, media case services.

Through years of accumulation of resources and experience, we hope to help advertisers to quickly open the market, realize scale growth in the global scale, and enhance their brand influence through continuous innovation and customized promotion programs.

Wezo is committed to bring our customers comprehensive and considerate, perfect and careful, honest and professional service experience, with professional spirit and careful attitudeConvoy and advertisers in each period of cooperation journey, become a trustworthy customer industry leader

Our view

Media selection and placement is a promotion of sales investment behavior, there is no good or bad, only worthwhile. Wei Zhuo believes that each brand, or even each product marketing target, audience are different, a professional media agency, should be based on the depth of understanding of the advertiser business, give the target matching media communication strategy.

We are not limited to the media resources we have cooperated with, but from a professional perspective, we recommend the best media combination based on customer products and consumer characteristics.

We believe that the cooperation with advertisers will not be a one-off deal, we are customer-oriented and result-oriented to help customers achieve sustainable brand growth in the future.

We never talk on paper, but through professional strategy, good advertising operation, attract the creative eye, with lasting service quality, and advertisers together to achieve the success of the brand, more harvest mutual trust.

3d team 3d service

We will comprehensively expand the width
length and depth of media services

Media Strategy Team
  • Deeply understand the overall ecological environment trend of the media
  • Wide field of vision, familiar with the characteristics of various media traffic and the advantages of advertising products
  • Insight into consumers’ media contact habits throughout the whole time and scene
  • Accumulated years of media data experience
  • Comprehensively formulate media strategic planning and portfolio strategy
Media Executive Team
  • 3+ years of media execution experience
  • Follow up the latest policies of various media as soon as possible
  • In-depth grasp of the operating rules of each media
  • Effectively predict the conventional risks that may occur in various media
Media Development Team
  • Multilingual media procurement team
  • Global media procurement experience
  • Full-level media coverage

Widodo Media Butler
8S service system

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step 1

Media research

  • Global media trends
  • Designated country/regional media research
  • Specific media research
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step 2

Media evaluation

  • Overview and characteristics of media traffic
  • Media advertising product features
  • Media consumer portrait
  • Media historical data and performance
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step 3

Media purchase

  • Media preference
  • Media negotiation
  • Media signing
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step 4

Media management

  • Media account opening/recharge
  • Interpretation of media policies and rules
  • Media operation guidance
  • Media coordination and public relations
  • Media risk control
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step 5

Media training

  • Media product explanation
  • Media case sharing
  • Media operation training
  • Media operation Q&A
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step 6

Media planning

  • Advertising recommendation
  • Media integration planning
  • Media layout strategy
  • Media annual plan
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step 7

Media data

  • Media data report
  • Media data analysis & optimization suggestions
  • Media data report
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step 8

Media report

  • Media review report
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