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Mobile Internet go to sea

Cooperative resources

Covering multiple markets around the world, Provide the best media mix, WEZO overseas marketing matrix

GoogleGlobal core key agent

FacebookQuality Partner in China

TiktokOfficial certification service provider

UC AdsUC Ads official certified partner/first-level agent

Other overseas media resources

Service advantages

Years of industry deep ploughing

WEZO has been intensively providing overseas Seven for nearly six years. So far, it has provided media purchase, delivery management and integrated marketing services for more than 2,000 apps overseas

Rich trading experience

Has helped more than 1,500 Chinese companies complete overseas incubation in more than 210 countries and regions, with rich experience

Localized service capabilities

Familiar with target culture and hot topics, provide services in small languages, and create localized operation promotion plan

Mature promotion model

A complete overseas promotion service system has been formed, which can help more mobile applications go overseas and continue to succeed

Successful cases

Android Excellence Game of 2017

0mill. +
New user
Customer expectations
Monthly active users
Download the list
  • User retention is the core goal
  • Creative display and interesting copywriting design
  • Promote interactive marketing effects
  • High-quality material in exchange for user attention download
  • Create interesting content as advertising display
  • Improve new user favorability and retention
  • Periodic testing and analysis of advertising strategies
  • Convert branded materials into universal materials
  • Combine online celebrity live video promotion to create momentum
  • AppStore No.1 in 11 countries, top ten in 49 countries
  • GooglePlay No.1 in 8 countries, top ten in 62 countries
  • 2017 Google Play Android Outstanding Game

100 million advertising budget · CPI less than $1.00

Daily new users
Account cost
Daily consumption
20% +
Retention rate
  • Ensure daily cost and retained data
  • Ensure high quality and efficient output of materials
  • Account stability to ensure the freshness of materials
  • Create creatives that fit the product
  • Acquire high-quality users with low price and volume
  • Retention rate and activity
  • Generate materials based on user portrait analysis
  • Audio, picture and text are close to life and create resonance
  • Co-creation activities, rapid fission
  • Daily consumption of 20,000 US dollars
  • The account cost is stable at around $1
  • Daily increase of 10,000 users and retention of 40%+

Break trust barriers and seize overseas markets

Credit month
Credit rate
  • Starting from the population base, religious beliefs, national living standards, prices, government control, competitive product analysis, etc., conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target market.
  • During the two-week test period, a dozen sets of pictures and videos were produced, and high-quality ideas were screened out through material tests to gradually increase the advertising budget.
  • Work closely with relevant media to optimize material size and copywriting in depth to enhance user experience.
  • Have never done cash loan products on the Russian market
  • Can the advertiser’s kpi be ignorant?
  • The direction of cash loan product materials and media policy
  • The number of registrations has risen steadily and has stabilized at around 650+ since the third week
  • The overall credit month is around US$3.2, which is within the expected range of advertisers
  • The overall credit rate is around 37%
  • Adopt the scenario design of bank withdrawals, and combine the product features of “quick loan, that is, on behalf of consumption” of the product, to target precise users

Look for an alliance of “against privacy snoopers” to achieve synergy of quality and efficiency

0mill. +
New users
User retention improvement
Top googleplay tool list
Lower than expected cost
  • Low-cost customer acquisition
  • Improve user retention
  • Improve brand awareness
  • There are many tool APP products and fierce competition
  • Acquire a large number of high-quality users at low cost in many regions around the world
  • Increase user stickiness while increasing product exposure
  • Combine the target market and the product’s own content characteristics to subdivide and test the product function points
  • Combine application scenarios to efficiently output high-quality creative materials
  • Combine marketing nodes to create hot material with function as the core
  • Expand &A/B test for high-quality materials and make an effect of 1+1>2
  • Significant reduction in customer acquisition costs, increased exposure level and user retention
  • Top 5 Googleplay tools
  • Quickly seize the core US market and break through the Southeast Asian market

Help 1500+ products
complete sea hatching

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