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WEZO maximizes the
effect of advertising

One-stop media buying

Focus on domestic and foreign information flow advertising, while taking into account brand advertising; in addition, it can also realize the procurement of various resources such as KOLs at home and abroad, and truly realize one-stop online advertising marketing procurement

Full media docking support

Docking tens of thousands of advertising direct or agency procurement needs, traffic classification sales to increase realizable income, and simultaneously increase the recharge rate and traffic value

Advertising channel buying volume selection

Through customer communication and product understanding and analysis, we can match media advertisements with customer goals, help customers choose the best promotion strategy, and effectively improve the efficiency and ability of traffic monetization

Capacity of buying service team

According to customer and market needs, tap potential media, media strategy application and media relationship maintenance, and perform account opening and recharging, reconciliation and invoicing, and timely handling of emergencies to effectively assist customers in realizing efficient traffic monetization

Full channel traffic
one station docking

Omni-channel docking capability, full coverage of DSP/ADX/SSP and social media

Technical support for popular advertising forms to improve liquidity


Convenient launch operation liberates team workload

Professionally perform
efficient realization

Support API,SDK docking

Advertising creative review

Create apps and advertising spaces independently

Real-time report,Multi-dimensional data

Mainstream advertising

Deliver an advertising experience perfectly integrated with media content to users

Interstitial ads/open-screen ads, suitable for brand display
CTR conversion increased 3 times

Support the realization of H5 and deep incentives and other forms of advertising technology, and become a leader in word-of-mouth in the field

Successful cases

Independent station construction, optimization and technical support, considerable exposure and conversion effects

50% +
Order increase
1 :0
Monthly ROAS
0mill. +
1270% +
Brand word search volume
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand the flow of newly-built independent stations
  • Open overseas markets to increase sales
  • 3D printer audience is small and difficult to accurately locate
  • New products go to sea, lack of trust of overseas users in the brand
  • High unit price products, more difficult to convert
  • New site-traffic to sales, need to start from 0
  • Understand the target market and set a preliminary target user profile
  • Product analysis and test plan development, competitive product analysis to establish market barriers, to seize users’ minds before and after mid-term refined operations, to achieve the integration of product efficiency
  • Work with technical experts to help customers solve website tracking, and launch twice the result with half the effort
  • Data-oriented new user coverage
  • Suitable channels to recruit ideal users on a large scale
  • Accurate user groups

Cross-border e-commerce independent stations from 0 to 1,Google boosts brand sales growth

880% +
0times +
Increased traffic
0times +
Increase in conversion
Brand word search volume
  • Increase brand exposure and increase the recognition of target users in overseas regions
  • Region: Mainly in the United States
  • Increase high-quality visits and conversions on the official website
  • Convert customers efficiently, improve user loyalty and repurchase rate
  • Insufficient experience in B2C model and overseas social media marketing
  • Brand awareness and influence are limited
  • Many competitors, high market saturation
  • Main multimedia + KOL & product review video production, increase the creative diversity and authenticity of content
  • Reasonably match promotional activities
  • Data-oriented optimization model
  • Enhance visibility, protect brand words, and brand exposure over 4.5 million times
  • Brand awareness from 0 to 1, and then reflected by the conversion of 1-100
  • The top position of the search results page gets an impression share of up to 70%+

FACEBOOK + KOL = precise realization

Brand exposure
0times +
0times +
Click rate
1070% +
ROI growth
  • Reach target customers and increase brand exposure
  • Increase the number of independent website visits and user stickiness
  • Sales growth, efficient conversion, increase ROI
  • Social media has extremely high requirements for material quality
  • There are big differences in user preferences in different regions
  • Need to refine operations for potential users
  • Accurate positioning of new and old users, drainage and conversion
  • Main multimedia + KOL creative evaluation content
  • Adjust the material direction in time according to user comments
  • Secondary marketing for independent users to increase sales
  • Refined traffic operation achieves long tail effect
  • Complete brand exposure and conversion rate KPI ahead of time
  • Create a precedent for Chinese technology brand x overseas KOL integrated marketing

Independent advertising agency investment + material design, with an average annual ROI of 1: 8~9

Average daily visits
0% +
Youtube subscriptions
0times +
Average daily sales growth
1:8 -0years
Average ROI
  • Become a brand company
  • Increase consumer recognition of the brand
  • Simultaneously increase traffic and sales
  • New site-traffic to sales, need to start from 0
  • The client does not understand the overseas media release policies & regulations
  • The competition of similar products is fierce and needs to seize the user’s brand mind
  • Independent advertising agency investment to enhance brand online influence
  • Optimize the website and creative materials to match audience preferences
  • The Weizhuo optimization team uses advertising tools flexibly to double the ROI
  • The total sales increase, and the brand image becomes more popular
  • The proportion of independent station sales in XP-PEN’s total sales has increased year by year, from 1% to 20%

1.6 billion impressions, exploring 34 countries in two months

0mill. +
New users
Get customer expectations
0mill. +
Click volume
0bill. +
Ad display
  • E-commerce terminal coverage in 34 countries
  • Reach out to quality customers
  • Generate the first purchase
  • CPA cost limit
  • Maximize the acquisition of new users
  • The user’s first purchase cost is lower than the limit value
  • Understand the user profile of the target market
  • Category segmentation, make test plan
  • Track competing materials and allocate budget reasonably
  • Produce and test 160 sets of high conversion materials
  • Test more than 40 product categories
  • The CPI price is 30% lower than customer expectations

User insights combined with theme promotion, leading integrated marketing of customized gifts overseas

Average daily store traffic
300% +
Link click promotion
380% +
ROAS rise
Amount of interaction
  • Improve brand exposure and reach users on a large scale
  • Improve user growth and user stickiness in overseas regions
  • Increase high-quality visits and conversions on the official website, efficiently convert customers, and increase ROI
  • Products and brands are newly listed, lacking brand awareness
  • Customized products are popular overseas, but the audience is small, and the target users need to be accurately targeted
  • Increase sales in the short term
  • A combination of diversified platforms and advertising forms to maximize user coverage
  • Data-oriented deep insight into precise user positioning
  • Combine theme marketing to produce creative materials, personalized creative communication touches users
  • Reasonable use of user data, remarketing to increase brand loyalty and repurchase rate
  • Brand exposure increased by nearly 500%, and the new brand’s overseas popularity
  • Customized gifts accurately cover target customer groups, and the amount of interaction continues to rise
  • Brand exposure drives store traffic, and both brand awareness and sales increase
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